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Minister and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors

MACSAS supports women and men who have been sexually abused, as children
or adults, by ministers, clergy or others under the guise of the Church.

We support both Survivors who have remained within their Christian communities
and those who have left

This website offers many useful resources.
We also offer a telephone and email helpline for victims and survivors of
Minister and Clergy sexual abuse – and for relatives of victims and survivors.

The Helpline is currently open on Saturdays from 9.00am - 11.00am
and Wednesdays 7.00 pm - 9.30 pm.

We are happy to help as far as we are able.


MACSAS is delighted that the national child abuse inquiry has formally opened after
two false starts. Committee member Phil Johnson stated 

"We encourage engagement from all those affected by abuse so the inquiry is able to
gain a full picture of the scale of abuse in England and Wales.
Our chair Lucy Duckworth has been appointed to the VSCP of the Child Abuse Inquiry.
We wish her success and fully support her in working to ensure survivors voices are heard
and the responses to survivors from major faith institutions such as the Catholic and
Anglican churches are improved"

Committee member Phil Johnson added:
"Complacency by leaders of institutions with British society  has enabled perpetrators to act
they way they have. It is only through full exposé  and the hearing of survivor’s experiences
can real reform of the institutions be achieved. It a matter of shame that the Church hierarchy
has for so many years prioritised closing down scandal above addressing the needs of
victims or the protection of others who are vulnerable.

As the only organisation solely dedicated to the campaigning for and the support of,
abuse survivors from faith organisations, MACSAS is fully  committed to working with the
inquiry and ensuring that the above aims are achieved and that survivors remain at the
heart of its work."

For more information contact


We are very aware that there is lots of media coverage about abuse at the moment as the
home office national inquiry is getting under way.

This will be very difficult for anyone who has been abused in any context. If you are at all affected by this, please do contact us or call our helpline.

MACSAS is also taking an active part in working with the home office to shape the
inquiry into uncovering the abuse within the churches whilst supporting and getting
justice for abuse survivors. As such we have met with the home secretary and will
continue to do so to ensure support for survivors is paramount throughout the
whole process. We will update you on this as we proceed.

MACSAS exists to support survivors of abuse and to be a listening and understanding ear. Please stay safe and get in touch if we can help.

Methodist church report on abuse 

"The report into the Methodist church tells only part of the story."

"The cases examined are only the ones documented in the past. Many will not have been
recorded. We will never know how many cases have not been handled properly.
Many of those affected do not trust that churches will take their complaints seriously which
means we are left with thousands of survivors who do not even report their abuse.

"Church organisations have enjoyed unquestioned trust to care vulnerable members
of society. Churches are closed organisations and have been trusted to regulate themselves
in relation to child abuse allegations. 

This means that those who are brave enough to speak up about wrongdoing in their
organisation are forced to speak to someone with a vested interest in protecting the church.
Typically very few allegations are taken seriously and reported to the police. The report itself acknowledges that only a tiny minority of cases are passed to the police.

"This has amounted to systematic covering up of allegations of abuse of children
and vulnerable adults."

"MACSAS have heard apologies and commitments to improve yet church organisations of
every denomination have refused to hand over complaints handling to an independent body.

"We have campaigned for changes to improve church responses to allegations and for a
thorough investigation as part of a national inquiry. The Methodist church is not alone as a
wrongdoer. All churches require scrutiny. I hope that the inquiry headed by Mrs Justice Goddard
will thoroughly examine church handling of allegations and consider recommending the establishment of an independent organisation for taking reports of abuse and mandatory
reporting of allegations to the police."


Letter to The Home Secretary

MACSAS is a signatory to a letter to the Home Secretary
from The Survivors Alliance - 29th January 2015

Click on this link to read the letter


On Friday 11th July 2014 MACSAS held a fringe meeting at the
General Synod of the Church of England.
The meeting was attended by the Archbishops of
Canterbury and York as well as many other senior Bishops
and many other members of Synod

Click Here to download MACSAS chair, Lucy Duckworth's speech to Synod

Click Here to download David Greenwood's speech to Synod

Click Here to download Jo Kind's speech to Synod

Click Here to download Dr. Margaret Kennedy's speech to Synod

Click Here to download Phil Johnson's speech to Synod

PLUS Read Margaret's Report on the Synod meeting on our
News Page

MACSAS is run by Survivors for Survivors
You are not alone


MACSAS is an active member and supporter
of the

Representing Survivors'
interests in the Government's Child Sex Abuse Public Inquiry



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